Granite Slabs are Ideal for GTA Home Makeovers!

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Granite Has Guts!

It’s a renovator’s dream – granite slabs for a GTA home makeover. And it’s not just because granite is a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of colours. Nor is it just the majesty that an undivided granite slab – with its colour striations and inflections  – adds to a room or countertop.
Granite is tough. As such, it excels as a countertop because it is heat and fire resistant. Placing a hot pot right off the stove onto a granite surface will not damage it. The surface can also be used as a cutting board because it doesn’t scratch. If the granite has been properly sealed, foreign substances can’t penetrate its surface, and it is easily cleaned.
As slab flooring – or tile – the toughness of granite makes it suitable for high traffic areas of the home. For flooring and smaller jobs such as backsplashes, the tile choice is perhaps more practical and economical. Tiles fit unusual-shaped areas easily and are easier to replace.
Granite has two drawbacks. It does require professional sealing periodically. And its cost point is high – though the home renovator more than recoups that through the increased resale value of their home.

Where to Buy Granite

There’s a lot to learn about granite: the colours, its variations, and things to watch out for like pits and cracks. You need the help of a dealer, one that specializes in natural stone and has a tangible love for it. You also need to look over large pieces of granite – slabs – rather than just samples. The stone, especially in slab form, needs to be seen in its totality. Only then can you see the full interplay of colours and striations in the stone.
The dealer should have a good variety in stock. Granite is not just available in a dour grey – it comes in a jaw-dropping range of colours with exotic names like Blue Baha or Arctic Cream. And you need to find the one that will work best with your decor.
An established dealer will have a track record you can check. And it bears repeating: this should not be a purchase made at a big box store. This is a job for a specialist who has a real stake and love for the stone. An expert will help you with your selection and follow up with the fabrication and installation.


Fabrication and Installation



What does fabrication mean exactly – and how does it work?


The fabricator is the craftsman who takes the raw granite slab that you have selected at the dealership and turns it into a gorgeous countertop or floor. The best fabricators are independent contractors who cut and polish the stone to the specifications of the area in which it will be installed. The process includes edge bevelling, cut-outs and then the polishing. Fabricators can also etch designs on the surface. The fabricator then brings the finished product to your home and installs it, or co-works on the installation.


Finally, your granite slab has been transformed and is now enhancing the beauty of your GTA home.